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Pius Facts

  • $12,300,000 Scholarships earned by the Class of 2023
  • 1:1 Chromebook Initiative
  • 23.5 Mean ACT Score
  • 96% College Attendance Rate
  • 10 to 1 Pupil to Teacher Ratio

Why SPX?


St. Pius X High School is committed to the ideals of Catholicism. SPX includes theology as a component of its required academic program. The theology program aims to give students an accurate and sophisticated understanding of the moral and doctrinal teachings of the Catholic Church. Our education program is committed to the development of the "whole person."
Pius faith extends well beyond the classroom. Through mandatory community service, which includes volunteer work for charities serving underprivileged populations, our young people are led to think deeply about themselves and their relationships with others. Annual class retreats allow students to gather with their peers, reflect on values, and consider the direction they are each choosing for themselves. Graduates of Pius should display enduring qualities of character: they should be educated in heart as well as mind.


Pius offers a college preparatory, liberal arts curriculum that develops fully prepared graduates to enter the most selective colleges and universities. Even more important, they leave full of excitement, self-knowledge, and a passion to continue learning. The curriculum is vertically aligned to ensure that every student completes, at a considerable level of proficiency, a coherent and demanding sequence of college preparatory academic. Curriculum and instruction prepare students to be critical thinkers, providing them with knowledge, understanding, and skills to become socially responsible citizens and imaginative Catholic leaders in their future, chosen professions.


Pius Athletics affords athletes the opportunity to express their individuality by cultivating their talents and leadership in areas besides academics. Through participation in athletics students will mature physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially. Athletes will learn the value of hard work, commitment, discipline, loyalty, and integrity. Sartans will learn to accept both success and failure graciously. They become keenly aware of the need to cooperate with others, using the best qualities of each individual to contribute to the greater advantage of the whole group. Coaches reward sportsmanship, commitment, dedication and hard work. Many of our coaches are also faculty members, and students enjoy the relationships that are developed away from the classrooms.

Fine Arts

Students are offered an exceptionally complete range of visual arts, vocal, orchestral and theater classes. Vocal and instrumental instruction is available from two full-time instructors that are available to teach piano, guitar, strings, percussion, woodwinds, and brass instruments. A theatrical production is staged each semester, training students in all aspects of production. Students are encouraged to tap into their creative and expressive capabilities to produce finished pieces of art, from photography to paintings. The department also sponsors multiple clubs that encourage collaborative exchange.

Clubs & Activities

Pius has an educational mission that goes beyond the academic. Our goal is the integrated spiritual, intellectual, social, and affective growth of its students. Many elements in that goal are best developed outside the classroom. For that reason, our extracurricular programs are as strong as its academic program and help to develop a sense of community within the school. Pius has over 30 clubs tailored to the interests of our student body. If we don't already have and organization, start your own! Recent additions include a Medical Doctor to Be Club and Music Honors Society. Clubs provide opportunities to discover passions, develop strengths, apply academic knowledge in a practical way, develop self-knowledge, and learn to make the choices necessary to manage a busy schedule independently. All activities have faculty advisors, but in most, students take the lead.

College Placement

St. Pius X's counseling office offers support, guidance, and advice appropriate for students based on their own individual talents, abilities and passions. SPX's goal is to assist students in discovering colleges that are strong academic and social matches. Students and parents have access to full-time, highly trained, and experienced college counselors as well as a complete range of informational resources, including opportunities to meet admissions representatives from colleges across the country and the world.

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