SPX Foundation

The St. Pius X High School Foundation, founded in 1984, has taken on the mission to raise funds to assist in meeting the current and future financial needs of St. Pius X High School, to unite the Catholic and Albuquerque community in support of the school, and to cultivate and protect the interests of its donors.

The SPX Foundation functions as a fiduciary non-profit entity to receive all private monetary contributions to St. Pius X and to manage the endowments.
The 2021 St. Pius X High School Foundation Board
The Most Reverend John C. Wester, Archbishop of Santa Fe

President: Joe DeBlassie, Area Manager, Thermo Fluids
Past President: Eddie Castoria '64, Retired Business Executive
President-Elect: Rhiannon Samuels '10 Executive Director Viante NM
Treasurer: Jerry Sais, Bank of Albuquerque
Secretary: Shannon Kawane, Manager, Sandia Labs

School Staff
Dr. Barbara Rothweiler, Principal
Fr. John Trambley, President
Bobby Wallace, Director of Advancement

Darren Beckett, Independent Director, M & T Foundation
Robert Espat Southwest Papers, Inc.
Wayne Glass '63, Ph.D
Ron Hensley, Tier One Partners, LLC
Anne Keleher '80
Joseph Menicucci '98, Downey & Company, Contract Bond and Insurance
Tony G. Pino '74
Marijo Rymer '64
Rhiannon Samuel '10, Executive Director, Vivante NM
Frank Schubert '78, Ph.D.
Chris Skipp '86, V.P. Operations, Planet Fitness
Melissa Valles '96, Thomson Reuters, Marketing Consultant

Lonny Hurley '77, Pharmaceutical sales, Alkermes, Inc.
Alumni Association
Chris Maxwell '95, Chair