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School Traditions

St. Pius X High School is rich with tradition, rooted in centuries of faith and over 50 years of school history. The symbols of the school remind students and the community that St. Pius stands for high ideals, not only in academics but in character-building.

The Sartan Creed
The Sartan Creed reminds St. Pius X students that they are called to higher expectations by following the scripture:
"To those who have been given much, much is expected."

A Sartan’s behavior in all aspects of life is founded on Catholic values.
  • I will refrain from any activity or language that will tarnish my good name, that of my family, or that of St. Pius X High School.
  • I will display respect and honesty toward adults, peers, and myself.
  • I will honor the judgment and direction of adults.
  • I will take responsibility for my behavior and my learning.
  • I will use and develop my God-given talents to achieve my fullest potential.
  • My appearance is a reflection of pride in being a member of the St. Pius X Catholic community.
Reverence is the feeling of profound respect and awe, which all students should direct toward God. In a Catholic school this should be foremost in the mind and attitude of the student.

Students should show reverence during prayer and at all religious functions. They should avoid any actions which would distract others, and they are expected to participate actively.

School Motto
Teach Me Goodness, Discipline and Knowledge.

School Colors
Gold, Black, and White

School Symbol
St. Pius X SymbolThe gold Pius “X” is the symbol of the school, representing eXcellence in academics and extra-curricular activities and a striving to live up to the standards of the gospel of Jesus Christ.