Faith on Campus

St. Pius X High School strives to foster authentic experiences of faith with the students, their families, faculty, staff, and administration. Our school embraces students of all faith backgrounds and helps to provide students with the opportunity to develop their faith and explore spirituality.
Spiritual Growth through Worship

St. Pius X High School is committed to the spiritual life of its students by having daily opportunities for Mass, a monthly all-school Mass and the Reconciliation for the entire school community two times each school year.

Normally, each morning at 7:20 am, all students, parents, faculty, staff, and friends of St. Pius X are invited to Mass in the chapel. Every day starts with a prayer and a thought for the day. Students assist with the planning and serve as lectors, acolytes, Eucharistic ministers, and musicians.

Liturgical Choir

The Liturgical Choir primarily sings at the school's monthly Mass and occasionally at other events. Many members of the choir are enrolled in vocal classes, but students of all abilities are welcome. While some members may have a flair for music and lead songs during Mass, the emphasis is on the worship. The choir practices the day before and the hour preceding the Mass.