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Meet the President

Fr. John Trambley
Fr. John Trambley is St. Pius X High School’s first president. The appointment was made by Archbishop John Wester in 2018. He desired a president/principal model for St. Pius X High School since coming to the Archdiocese of Santa Fe in 2015. Fr. Trambley is very excited to work with the first St. Pius X High School Head of School Michael Deely.
In the school’s collaborative model, the president and the head of school are on the same level working together to provide leadership and administration to the school. The president focuses on advancement, marketing, campus ministry, the chaplain services, and the Theology Department. He also teaches some theology classes when the opportunity arises. This frees the head of school to focus on the academic departments, athletics, counseling department, maintenance, security, facilities, student services, admissions, and more.
Fr. Trambley is in residence at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church in Albuquerque, where he helps with confessions and Masses.
He is also passionate about supporting the Sartans in all of their many different performances, activities and sports. He has been known to loudly cheer “Let’s Go Sartans!” while at some games.