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St. Pius X strives to provide activities outside the classroom to complement the rigorous academic program. Students have an opportunity to discover and use their many gifts and to develop social and leadership skills that they can use the rest of their lives.

Of course, the activities are fun, too.

St. Pius X students are encouraged to GET INVOLVED in any way they can. Students are encouraged to stay involved.

Student clubs, music, theater, athletics, student government, student publications, special interest and service groups allow each student to find an activity for his/her interests and talents.

On any given day, students can be found practicing opening statements for an upcoming Mock Trial competition, completing a sculpture, practicing for a concert, preparing a delegation for the Model UN, and rehearsing their lines for the upcoming dramatic performance.

Activities throughout the year add to the Pius experience. Social activities include the Luau Dance, Homecoming, Winter Ball and Prom.

Always students are raising money for hungry kids in New Mexico and beyond, corresponding with pen pals in France, or helping with the recycling on campus to actively create a better world.

St. Pius X High School offers each student many opportunities to be involved throughout the school year to provide an abundance of positive activities that can keep students constantly and actively learning.

St. Pius Students do the ever famous "Roller Coaster." The senior class of 2012 has started this popular trend of acting like you are on a roller coaster in the X-BOX (student cheering section) during our big games. Great job seniors for getting the X-BOX spirit moving!
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