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Dance I - This course offers students the opportunity to explore the fundamentals of dance. The course is an introductory class that will include technique and basic skills in styles such as ballet, jazz and contemporary. Kinesiology labs investigate the body as it moves and ties into injury prevention. Required attire will include ballet and jazz shoes, and clothing that allows free movement. No experience required.
Prerequisite: None; a semester-long elective survey course open to all students of all levels. This course may be repeated with teacher approval. Students with prior dance experience should meet with the instructor regarding class level placement.
Dance II - A continuation of Dance I, this course is designed for students who wish to continue their study of dance. The course will include ballet, jazz, contemporary and an introduction to choreography. Students will study dance history, dance kinesiology, and movement analysis at the introductory level. They will also have the opportunity to dabble in creating choreography of their own. During the year there will be performance opportunities. Students will be required to have ballet and jazz shoes and ballet attire. Costumes are provided for performances.
Prerequisite: Dance I or audition. A semester-long elective course open to all students. This course may be repeated with teacher approval.
Choreography (Year) - This course is for the advanced dancer who has solid technique. Students will help to create choreography for the shows produced at St. Pius. The course will focus on the fundamentals of and theory behind the creation of choreography in various dance styles including, but not limited to ballet, jazz, and musical theater. Students will create choreography for themselves and others as well as analyze and critique various dance productions both live and on film. Each term will include performance opportunities. May be repeated with instructor approval.
Prerequisite: Audition and application.
Kylee Dorsey