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About Sartan Athletics
Athletics at St. Pius X High School are part of an abundant selection of co-curricular activities available to students. St. Pius X fields 21 varsity teams, all class 4A, district 5 under the rules of the New Mexico Activities Association. Most sports also field junior varsity and freshman "C" teams. 
It is the job of the Athletic department to ensure that our student athletes:
  • Have coaches of character acting as positive role models
  • Play at the most competitive level
  • Are well equipped for safety
  • Have proper facilities
Sports, although they may teach life lessons, are NOT life. They are important but must be kept in proper perspective. When the score is forgotten, the behavior and experience of athletes, coaches and fans are most remembered.

SPX sets high standards
St. Pius X coaches give their time and expertise to the student athletes, often with little personal glory. A general set of rules and standards of behavior are set for all athletes. Students, athletes, parents/guardians, and spectators should exhibit the standard of sportsmanship at all times. 

Fans and team members are expected to:
1. Remember that they are part of the St. Pius X community and should reflect its values.
2. Learn the rules of the game and accept the decisions of the officials.
3. Refrain from going onto the court or field at any time.
4. Refrain from making abusive remarks, using unacceptable language or engaging in provocative behavior.
5. Be gracious in both victory and defeat.
6. Commend those concerned for fine play, hard work and effort, and sportsmanlike behavior.
7. Strive to create a wholesome, non-intimidating environment for athletic events which keeps competition in its proper perspective.