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Interdisciplinary Course

Academic Competitions (Year) (1 unit of credit with letter grade) - The primary focus of this course involves studying ten different disciplines in preparation for the Academic Decathlon competition, though skills learned can also be applied to college and non-academic life. Subject areas include the following: Mathematics (algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and elements of calculus); Geography and History; Visual Art (primary topic may focus on one era of art or may be a survey of art history throughout the ages); Music (elements of music appreciation and a focus topic concerning a particular era or genre of music); Economics (fundamentals of macro-and micro-economics); Science (specific topics differ each year – biology, chemistry, physics, earth science, environmental science, or astronomy); Essay Writing; Language and Literature (grammar and analysis of poetry and a novel); and Personal Interview (interview skills).
The St. Pius X Academic Decathlon Team will be formed from the members of this class and will compete at the state (and possibly national) Academic Decathlon. Due to the deadlines for team rosters for the Albuquerque competitions, one cannot drop this course after November 1. Participation in the Local Competition of the Academic Decathlon is required.
Members of the class may also steer the course into other competitions of their interest, such as the Knowledge Masters Open, The National Science Bowl, and others -- some of which have substantial awards.
Prerequisite: None - An elective course open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Note: This course is not only for honors students. It must have at least three students in each of the following cumulative GPA ranges for academic courses: 3.75 to 4.00; 3.00 to 3.74; and 0.00 to 2.99. Students compete only against other students in the same GPA category as themselves. Awards in the Academic Decathlon are evenly distributed to students within each GPA range.