St. Pius X offers a stimulating array of classes to prepare a young people for admission to higher education and continued success in life with intellectual, moral, and spiritual foundation to guide them.

A minimum of 24 credits is required to earn a Pius diploma. Currently, credits (one credit counts as a year-long course) must be earned in the following distributions:

SPX AP Summer STEM Principles of ChemistryEnglish - 4 credits
Communication Skills* - 1 credits (in the same language) or communication skills requirement
Mathematics - 4 credits
Laboratory Sciences - 4 credits
Social Sciences - 3.5 credits
Theology - 4 credits
Physical Education - 1 credit
Technology - .5 credit
Fine Arts - 1/2 credit
Other Electives - 1.5 credits

*The communication skills requirement may be fulfilled by competency in both speaking and writing skills in a language other than English (2 units) or 1 unit of Developmental Psychology and 1 unit of Independent Living. Note: Many universities, including UNM, require two years of the same foreign language. Three is recommended.

Because challenging the academic ability of every student and motivating that student in his or her pursuit of academic excellence are fundamental parts of our mission, we offer over 100 courses at the college preparatory level.

Advanced Placement courses (with oversight through the College Board) are offered, along with Honors courses. For incoming freshmen, Honors placement is based on the results of placement test scores, teacher recommendations and academic grades earned in the eighth grade.