St. Pius X offers a stimulating array of classes to prepare a young people for admission to higher education and continued success in life with intellectual, moral, and spiritual foundation to guide them.

A minimum of 24 credits is required to earn a Pius diploma. Currently, credits (one credit counts as a year-long course) must be earned in the following distributions:

Classes of 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026
Twenty-four (24) credits are required for graduation. These must include:
SPX AP Summer STEM Principles of ChemistryEnglish - 4 credits
Mathematics - 4 credits
Social Sciences - 3.5 credits
Laboratory Sciences - 4 credits
Physical Education - 1 credit
Theology - 4 credits
Communication Skills* - 1 credits
Information Technology** - 1/2 credit
Fine Arts - 1 credit
Other Electives - 1 credit

*The Communication Skills requirement may be fulfilled by competency in both speaking and writing skills in a language other than English (2 units) or 1 unit of Developmental Psychology and 1 unit of Independent Living.
Note: Developmental Psychology and Independent Living do not satisfy the Modern and Classical (foreign) Language requirement necessary for admission to many colleges/universities.
**Information Technology will no longer be required, beginning with the class of 2025.
***Beginning with the class of 2025, students will be required to take 1 semester (.5 unit of credit) in Fine Arts. The requirements for other electives beginning with class of 2025 will be 4 semesters (2 units of credit).
Courses will only be offered if minimum enrollment guidelines are met. The master schedule is based on student request and available teacher staffing. To ensure course availability, students should make every effort to submit their course selection forms on time.
Courses offered in even years will begin in the fall of 2022-2023, 2024-2025, 2026-2027, 2028-2029. Courses offered in odd years will begin in the fall of 2023-2024, 2025-2026, 2027-2028, 2029-2030.
*Most universities require two years of the same foreign language. Three years is recommended.
Course sections in English, Mathematics, and Classical and Modern Languages are available to meet the needs of various student abilities. Assignment to special course sections will be made by counselors and department personnel with final approval given by the Assistant Principal-Academics.

Advanced Placement courses (with oversight through the College Board) are offered, along with Honors courses. For incoming freshmen, Honors placement is based on the results of placement test scores, teacher recommendations and academic grades earned in the eighth grade.
Because of the amount of work required in Advanced Placement (AP) and Honor courses, students will be allowed to take no more than 3 courses each year. Students who wish to enroll in more than 3 Honors or AP courses must receive permission from the Administration. Students MUST take a lunch.
Aides are utilized in the library, attendance office and the counseling office. Students must be mature, reliable, and able to think on their feet. They must possess good thinking, reasoning, and oral communication skills. Computer skills are recommended, but not required for all positions. Students will be expected to maintain confidentiality about all aspects of the work environment. One-fourth (1/4) unit of credit is earned per semester. A pass or fail grade will be given.
Prerequisite: A written request from the student (250-word essay) and interview with recommendation by the person supervising the aide. The Student Aide assignment replaces study hall as a 7th class.
All students will be required to enroll in 7 courses each semester. A student may request permission to take study hall instead of a 7th course if his/her academic load warrants this consideration. The student must petition to take study hall. The student will be required to submit a letter of special consideration to the Administration. This letter must detail the student’s reasons for requesting a study hall and the letter must be signed by both the student and his/her parent/guardian. Decisions will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Study Hall allows students to complete homework or use it for study. This frees up after school and evening hours for sports, other activities, and jobs. Students have the opportunity during study hall to go to the library or the computer lab to complete research that they would be unable to do at home.
Prerequisite: None - A semester course or full year class open to all students who have been approved by the school administration