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Parent FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for the 2023 - 2024 School Year
Q. What is the Bell Schedule for daily classes?
A. See the link below.
Q. How early may students arrive?
A. The dining hall opens at 7:00 am and has a security guard present and Old Town Catering does serve breakfast. The library is open at 7:00 am. The lower floor is open for the high school students and the upper floor is open for the eighth-grade students. The doors to the academic buildings open with a badge starting at 7:00 am for students going to see a teacher.
Q. How late may students stay?
A. The library is open after school until 5:00 pm. Students may be later on campus due to athletics or art programs.
Q. Where do we drop off students?
A. All students may be dropped off at the front of the campus. 8th grade students may be dropped off at the front of the campus or at the east parking lot by the gate near St. Basil. The large majority of students were dropped off at the front with no problem on the first day of school.
Q. Where do students enter campus?
A. All students may enter through the south entrance. There is a large yellow banner marking this entrance. Students must have their badge to enter. If they do not have their badge, they can get a new one at this entrance.
Q. When can students use their phones?
A. Phones may not be used from 8:00am - 2:40pm on campus. Students may use their phones in the dining hall area at lunch or before and after school.
Q. How do I pay for lunches?
A. Lunch can be paid directly in the cafeteria, or you can set up a Lunch Account. Parents can find the link for the School Lunch Account on the St. Pius website. Just go to the website at the top of the page click Parent and to the right-hand side they will see School Lunch Account. https://www.myschoolaccount.com/
Q. What is my student's ID number to set up a School Lunch Account?
A. Your student's ID number is the number printed on the bottom of their ID.
Q. How to order transcripts?
A. The best way to order transcripts is go to the St. Pius website click Alumni and off to the left side of the page you will see Transcript request. See the link below.
Q. What are the Sartan Shop Hours?
A. Sartan Shop hours are on the St. Pius X site. Click the link and you will find Sartan Shop information.
Q. Who can I contact regarding questions with the parent portal?
A. You may contact the registrar, Martina Ruiz, [email protected]. The link to the portal is https://www.plusportals.com/StPiusXHS.
Q. Where do I go if my student needs a schedule change?
A. Students may make a schedule change through their counselor, with approval from the administration. Changes will not be made without a clear cause, like appropriate level placement.
Q. What are the library's hours?
A. The library opens at 7:00 am and closes at 5:00 pm.
Q. What is the current COVID protocol?
A. Contact tracing is no longer required. Please contact your health care provider for other questions. Our nurse will send out updates if there are changes.
Q. Where does my student go to get their Chromebook fixed?
A. Students may drop off their Chromebook in the library to be fixed. They will receive a replacement while their Chromebook is fixed by our IT office.
Q. What are the current bus routes?
A. See the link below.
Q. What are the early release rules?
A. If you need to take your student out of school early, you will have three options to let the school know that your student will be withdrawn early. Do not call the school.
a. You can send a signed note with your student's name, date and time that your student will be leaving school. Most importantly make sure the note is signed by a parent.
b. Online early dismissal form, importantly make sure it is signed by a parent.
c. You can use the St. Pius App, tap Early Dismissal and fill out the form. The form must be signed by a parent.
Mrs. Jenkins may call to verify that the request is submitted by a parent.
Q. How will the school communicate with parents?
A. Each week you will receive the Communique, which is our weekly newsletter. Also, all parents must download the Sartan App. We will text update information or emergency information directly to parents. Search your app store for SPX Sartans or click here saintpi.us/appstore for iPhones or here saintpi.us/playstore for Androids.
Q. What are the roles and responsibilities of the school leadership?
A. See list below.
President: Fr. John Trambley [email protected]
Oversees Advancement and Campus Ministry and maintains the Catholic Identity of the school and liaisons with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe so our school serves effectively as a ministry.
Head of School: Mike Deely [email protected]
Admin Assistant: Bunny Sanchez [email protected]
Oversees the day-to-day operations of the school and works on strategic issues in partnership with the President and the Board of Trustees, Board of Real Estate, and SPX Foundation. Works with the department chairs on curriculum development, faculty supervision and evaluation, addresses academic needs with the Director of SOAR and the Counseling Office, and assists with parent and student academic or disciplinary issues.
Vice President: Julie Cook [email protected]
Admin Assistant: Wendy Lucas [email protected]
Directly manage the Advancement, Alumni, Communications and Marketing and is directly responsible for all fundraising initiatives for the school and directs the fundraising support provided by the SPX Foundation and booster clubs. Mrs. Lucas supports all of the administrative work for advancement.
Director for Enrollment Management and Community Outreach: Jeff Turcotte [email protected]
Leads all admissions events and supports all fundraising initiatives under the direction of the Vice President.
Director of Communications and Alumni: Jennifer Maldonado [email protected]
Handles all communications for the school to the community, including Connections 56 magazines, marketing material, and alumni. Will support alumni through communications, reunion support, and fundraising.
Campus Ministry:
Liturgical Music and Retreats: Evelyn Olguin [email protected]
Liturgies: Fr. John Trambley and Deacon Tim Parker
Christian Service: Paul Horton [email protected]
Assistant Principal, Academics: Barbara Ducaj [email protected]
Martina Ruiz, Registrar [email protected]
Oversees the academic policies and programs, scheduling, transcripts, parent portal, and student placement.
Academic Consultant: Orlando Rodriguez
Support the administration with faculty support and development. He does not receive communication from parents and students.
Dean of Students: Dr. Juanita Marquez [email protected]
Attendance Admin: Kari Jenkins [email protected]
Oversees all student life policies and programs, attendance, detentions, safety training, and student wellness in collaboration with the President, Head of School, Counselors, Director of SOAR, nurse, trainer, and other staff members as needed.
Athletic Director: Jim Cook [email protected]
Assistant AD: Kevin Hillsey [email protected]
Admin Assist: Martha Carrigan [email protected]
Oversees all athletic facilities, athletic programs, coaches, athletic trainer, strength and conditioning coach, physical education department, athletic policies, and interaction with NMAA and other schools.
Business Manager: Deacon Tim Parker [email protected]
Denise Lujan, Accounts Payable/General Accounting [email protected]
Carolyn Orosco-Sandoval, Accounts Receivable/Tuition assistance [email protected]
Kurt Hurley, Property Management [email protected]
Oversees all school finances, human resources, and business contracts.
Director of Facilities: David Sullivan [email protected]
Karen Baca Assistant Director [email protected]
Oversees all facilities, campus security, maintenance, grounds, custodial, and engineering work.
Director of Student Activities: Ashley Turcotte [email protected]
Assistant Director: Emily Dieterichs [email protected]
Student Activities oversee Student Activities through the Student Council, managing dances, pep rallies, all school lunches, and student leadership programs.
Health Team
Nurse: Kathleen McNew [email protected]
Oversees day to day care of students and maintains records, including immunizations.
Athletic Trainer: Kylee Dorsey, [email protected]
Oversees day to day care of student athletes.
Director Technology: Jose Samora [email protected]
Oversees day to day technology management including Chromebooks.