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Method Test Prep (MTP) is a highly adaptive, online course that keeps track of a student’s strengths and weaknesses. Students have access to a large pool of practice questions and receive instant feedback upon completion of each question. This feedback includes easy-to-understand explanations.

MTP is a proven tool to raise SAT and ACT scores.

The self-paced, online program works around student schedules with easy to manage 15 minute segments. We set time aside twice a week for students to prepare for the tests, but encourage them to use MTP outside of the classroom.

SAT: Each additional correct question is 10 more points total.
ACT: Each additional correct question is 1 more point per section.
Each weekly lesson includes a checklist of assignments, each of which are no more than 15 minutes. Every lesson includes an audio component to supplement the text, no audio lesson exceeds 5 minutes. Lessons end with a quiz to test mastery. MTP keeps track of an individual's progress, allowing for students to test solely on skills that MTP determines need improvement.

Vocabulary Builder
In 10 minutes the vocabulary builder can quiz from 50 to 60 words. With continued practice, in half an hour, a student can master 15 new vocabulary words. As with other lessons, MTP keeps track of vocabulary mastery so students can focus on challenging terms.

Already taken the ACT or SAT?
Structured lesson plans and vocabulary builders are essential tools for first time test takers, but if a student knows from a previous test that they should concentrate on one area for a second exam, then MTP allows them to focus only on math, for example.

Testing Timeline and Recommendations
ACT SAT Prep graph
Pre ACT 9 is a prep test for ACT. PSAT (10th/11th) is a prep test for the SAT. Both will be administered and provided by SPX during schoolwide test day in October. Students are automatically registered, and no parent/student action is required.

Pre ACT 10 will be administered and provided by SPX in late fall or early spring. Students are automatically registered, and no parent/student action is required.

ACT/SAT: It is recommended for students to take their first ACT or SAT by the end of their junior year. This depends on how far the student has progressed in math. Students having completed or close to completing Algebra II/Trig are better prepared to take these exams and may consider taking them earlier.

All colleges will accept ACT or SAT results. It is the responsibility of the student to register and pay for these tests. To register for ACT visit To register for the SAT visit For both use SPX school code 320032.

Method Test Prep (MTP) helps students prepare for these standardized tests. Although MTP focuses on ACT and SAT, the modules can also be used to prepare for ACT Aspire and PSAT.