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Registration and Tuition Payment FAQ

❖ What if I can’t make it to the incoming freshman registration day on Spring 2021?
➢ You will need to make an appointment to meet with the St. Pius administrative staff to
complete class scheduling and payment arrangements. Call 831-8400 for an appointment.
❖ How can I pay registration fees?
➢ Credit/Debit card only at time of online registration. Registration is not complete until all registration fees are paid and a FACTS tuition payment plan is established.
❖ What happens to my paid registration fee if my student cannot attend?
➢ The registration fee will be refunded to you provided a written notice of withdrawal is
received/confirmed by the school by July 31, 2021. Financial obligations for the 2021 -
2022 school year apply for withdrawal after July 31, 2021.
❖ What do I need to do for tuition payments?
➢ FOR 9th GRADERS AND TRANSFER STUDENTS- a FACTS online tuition payment plan account must be set up by March 31, 2021 by the signer(s) of the tuition contract in order for your registration process to be complete.
➢ Forms can be completed by clicking on the FACTS link on the home page at or by directly accessing the FACTS website at
➢ The FACTS agreement requires: Student’s name/grade, parent’s name, address, phone number(s), email address, banking information such as routing and account number or credit card information, selection of a payment date and plan option (pay in full, semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, bi-monthly)
➢ FOR RETURNING STUDENTS - your prior year FACTS agreement will roll over to the next year until the student graduates. No need to create another agreement. The FACTS program will use the same payment plan as the previous year unless you specify otherwise on your online registration under payment options.
student can be added to your existing FACTS account. Please email this request to Carolyn Orosco-Sandoval, Tuition Assistance Coordinator, at [email protected] Please state the student name/grade on email request.
➢ A one time yearly enrollment fee will be charged by FACTS based on the payment plan option that you choose. You will be notified of this fee at setup.
FACTS will also charge a service fee for payments made by debit/credit card.
❖ What if I am responsible for paying only half of the tuition and another person is
responsible for the other half?
➢ The person(s) signing the tuition contract is responsible for payment. If another person is sharing the cost with the responsible party, he/she must confirm in writing to the business office the amount of financial obligation they are assuming. Please contact Carolyn Orosco-Sandoval at [email protected]
➢ Both parties must complete an online FACTS agreement for their portion of the financial obligation.
➢ Both responsible parties may apply for FACTS Grant & Aid separately for their portion of the financial obligation and only enter the portion of tuition they are responsible for on their application.
❖ Where do I apply for tuition assistance?
➢ The responsible person(s) on the tuition contract can apply online by clicking the FACTS link on the home page at or by directly accessing the FACTS website at
❖ Can I still apply for tuition assistance if my student is not yet registered?
➢ Yes. The responsible party on the tuition contract must still apply by the deadline;
however, your student must be registered to receive a tuition assistance award notification.
❖ What information is needed when applying for tuition assistance?
➢ Copies of your 2019 tax return
➢ Copies of your 2019 W-2 forms
➢ Note: For business tax filers, 2019 tax returns and W-2s will be accepted
➢ Copies of supporting documentation for Social Security Income, Welfare, Child Support, Food Stamps, Worker’s Compensation and TANF
➢ A $35 nonrefundable FACTS application fee paid online after completing application
❖ When will I be notified if I receive tuition assistance?
➢ Award notifications will be emailed by April 1, 2021 if you apply by January 31, 2021.
❖ Are loans available to pay for tuition?
➢ Loans may be available through Tuition Solution. This partner company is independent of St. Pius X High School. Loan decisions are not made by St. Pius but by the Tuition Solution company; however, funds are wired from Tuition Solutions to St. Pius X. For more information, visit or call the company at 800-920-9777 or Carolyn Orosco-Sandoval at SPX Business office at 831-8410.
❖ Who do I call with questions about registration and tuition assistance?
➢ Please contact Matina Ruiz, Registar, at 831-8409.
➢ Please contact Carolyn Orosco-Sandoval, Tuition Assistance Coordinator, at 831-8410.