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Track & Field Update

District Championship
Huge props to our incredible Sartan Track and Field team for their remarkable performance at district! They dominated, winning both boys and girls district championships on Saturday. A special shoutout to Gianna Maldonado for winning District Runner of the Year! Our Coach Turcotte was named #CoachOfTheYear for both boys and girls! Godspeed at State this Friday and Saturday.
Metro T&F Championship
The Sartans had some big wins at this year’s Metro T&F Championship. Brian Kalb, Sam Buerschen, Chris Coash, and Humberto Lopez won gold in the 4x800 relay in 8:14! The medley team of Chris Coash, Brian Kalb, Bryan Thomas, and Kendrew Agbemadzo won silver. Bryan Thomas had a great solo effort, earning bronze in the 400m dash with 52.6. Lady Sartans Gianna Maldonado, Maricia Marquez, Savannah Ellison, and Kristy Agbemadzo took 3rd in the medley!