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NM Scholastic Art Awards 2022-2023

Congratulations to the Sartans that won awards in the 2022-2023 NM Scholastic Art Awards competition! The Scholastic Art Awards is one of the largest art competitions nation-wide. This year, several Sartans achieved a Gold Key award. These students will go on to compete at the national level. Senior Isabella Sanchez was awarded The American Vision Award, signifying her work as one of the top five in the state of NM. 
Honorable mentions: 
Nadia Abieta, Elena Beckett, Evangelynn Cruz, Sherilyn Gomez, Harmony Martinez, Alejandro Sapien and Leon Sutulov.
Silver keys: 
Gabriel Garcia, Lena Hernandez, Johnathon Pham
Gold Keys:
Nadia Abieta, Grace Argon (2), Lena Hernandez, Jacquelyne Nguyen, Isabella Sanchez (2).
The American Vision Award:
Isabella Sanchez
Great job sARTans!