Hall of Honor

Each year, members of the St. Pius X community are chosen and inducted into the St. Pius X High School Hall of Honor. The inductees are recognized for their gifts to St. Pius X High School that make a difference in maintaining a tradition of excellence for current and future students.
2020 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award:  Marisol Garcia
Vincioni Award:  Darren Beckett
Outstanding Alumni:  Julie '75 and Tony '74 Pino

2019 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award:  Joe and Cyndee DeBlassie
Vincioni Award:  Joe Muhlberger '78
Outstanding Alumni:  Frank D. Schubert, Ph.D. '78

2018 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award: The 2017-2018 SPX Foundation Board of Directors
Vincioni Award: Dalia Delgado Baca, Class of 1991, and Joseph Baca
Outstanding Alumni: Barbara Cordova Hurley, Class of 1977, and Lonny Hurley, Class of 1977

2017 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award: Manuel Chavez, Class of 1965, and Cynthia Chavez
Vincioni Award: Joyce Cuneo Barkocy, Class of 1962, and Ed Barkocy
Outstanding Alumni: Stefanie Fila Tierney, Class of 1997, and William Tierney, Class of 1997

2016 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award: Fr. Ronald Schwenzer, CSB Principal
Vincioni Award: Linley Daly, Class of 1984, and Mike Daly
Outstanding Alumnus: Jorja Armijo Brasher, Class of 1964

2014 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award: Joseph Muhlberger, Class of 1978
Vincioni Award: Tom Tinnin
Outstanding Alumnus: Carol Rivera Zonski, Class of 1966

2013 Honorees
Principal's Leadership Award: Cynthia Larrañaga
Vincioni Award: Richard and Cathy Luna
Outstanding Alumnus (in memoriam): Edward Leute, Class of 1975
Outstanding Alumnus (in memoriam) Lincoln Galassini, Class of 1965

2012 Honorees
Phyllis Shubert, Class of 1966
Paul Barabe, Class of 1964
Richard and Cathy Luna

2011 Honorees
Barbara Cordova and Lonny Hurley, Class of 1977
Carlos Martinez, Class of 1965
Gina Sada Rightley, Class of 1981

2010 Honorees
John Cordova, Class of 1976
Archbishop Michael J. Sheehan
Ruben G. Rumbaut, Class of 1965
John (Class of 1970) and Muffin Menicucci

2009 Honorees
Paul Barabé, Class of 1967
Msgr. Francis X Eggert
Scott C. Lardner, Class of 1979

2008 Honorees
Helen and Tom Stefan
Ramón Gutiérrez, Class of 1969
Al Mills
Sr. Linda Chavez

2007 Honorees
Rev. Michael Demkovich, Class of 1972
Lynne Peckinpaugh, Class of 1964
Philip Zuber

2006 Honorees
Brian Beel, Class of 1975
Joyce M. Gattas, Class of 1963
Michael A. Olivas, Class of 1968
Tom Riccobene, Class of 1976
Patricia Weiss

2005 Honorees
Gabe Portillo, Class of 1982
Larry and Dorothy Rainosek

2004 Honorees
Jorge Tristani
Chuck Reynolds, Class of 1964
Dennis Jett, Class of 1963

2003 Honorees
Betty Klink Corazzi, Class of 1967
Paula Dal Santo, Class of 1977
Don Power, Class of 1967

2002 Honorees
Manuel Chavez, Class of 1965
Bart Chimenti, Class of 1960
Julianne Green
Tony and Marie Hillerman
Stuart Paisano
Leon Palmisano
Sandy Tybor

2001 Honorees
Primo Contreras
Father Sam Falbo
Jeanette French
Ray Giannini
Helen Hardin, Class of 1961
Dick and Charlene Armijo Knipfing, Class of 1960
Mike Mullane, Class of 1963
Ron Tybor