Sartan Roar

“Light our Path”
Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path. Psalm 119:105
SPX Mission statement
Dear Parents,
We are pleased to announce new staff members joining the SPX family.
Nick Madrid will be our new girls' soccer coach and next year he will be the Director of Student Support for the SOAR (Student Options and Academic Resource) program which will support students with learning differences and needing academic support. Nick is a St. Pius X graduate and currently teaches and coaches at Highland High School. We are blessed to have such a highly qualified teacher and coach like Nick to join us next year.
State Police Officer, Nick Chavez, is our new Safety Resource Officer. Nick is also a St. Pius X graduate and has been with the New Mexico State Police for six years. He will be working with the school administration to help with review of safety procedures and policies, as well as be present on campus and at school events regularly in order to build a good working relationship with our community.
Kylee Dorsey will become our new athletic trainer. Kylee has been working in the field locally and brings strong credentials to the role. She will help us as we continue to improve and expand our athletic office focus on improving the safety and wellness of our athletes, while also working as a partner with the head coaches to build the performance of every athlete.
Dr. LaRussa has filled the vacancy in the Math Department. Dr. LaRussa holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and has extensive math teaching experience, including developing a very successful program for incoming college students, who were not adequately prepared for the demands of college level mathematics. Dr. LaRussa’s remaining Theology classes will be taught by other members of the Theology Department.
Finally, we are excited to announce that Dr. Juanita Marquez is our new Dean of Students. Juanita has been our athletic trainer for many years and is a respected member of the staff who has the education, experience, and energy to help us build a happy, healthy, and holy campus culture, while overseeing the safety and disciplinary policies of the school.
Sincerely in Christ,
Fr. John Trambley
Michael Deely
Head of School
Advanced Placement course information will be offered by AP teachers to all rising juniors and seniors beginning January 23 - February 3. Freshmen interested in pursuing the AP Capstone Diploma must attend the information meeting for AP Seminar on Monday, January 23 in Room 303 at 2:45 PM.
  • All meetings will begin at 2:45 and the schedule will be mailed to all rising juniors and seniors this weekend. If you are interested in registering for an AP class(es) you must attend the meeting for that class(es) on the designated days and times. These meetings are mandatory for students who are interested in registering for an Advanced Placement course(s) for the 2023-2024 school year. All coaches have been made aware of these meetings by Mr. Cook.
  • Any student wishing to enroll in more than three AP classes will need to present an appeal to the SPX administration.
PreACT results information was sent to all freshman and sophomore parents last week.
  • The information sent provides parents and students what the scores mean, how your child is doing in terms of progress toward work readiness and preparation for the ACT, and what the ACT's college readiness benchmarks mean. Using your results, along with the Student Report and the test booklet, will help students get a better sense of their skills, interest, plans, and goals.
PSAT/NMSQT results information and how to access scores was sent to all sophomore and junior parents last week.
  • The PSAT/NMSQT score report shows how your student performed on each of the three sections of the PSAT/NMSQT.
All students are in possession of the correct badge holder, school issued ID and school lanyard. This process that was implemented in the fall has been successful toward the safety and protection of our students and staff. Accountability and and following procedures regarding ID’s have become routine.
Teachers will be actively checking students dress code as well as possession of a correct ID and badge holder. Any students not in compliance with dress code or ID rules will be sent to the Dean’s office and issued a detention.
Student Drop-Off and Pick-Up - Please follow the directions of our Safety Team and school administrators when you are dropping off and picking up your student. Please remember to pull as far forward as possible in order to minimize congestion in the traffic flow.
Reminders for SPX Students
  • Seniors will be allowed to wear college outerwear starting on January 25th. A polo must be worn underneath at all times unless it is a spirit day.
  • Only SPX outerwear or a plain black sweater, pullover or cardigan will be allowed.
  • In the classroom, only SPX outerwear or solid black, such as: sweaters, jackets, sweatshirts, hoodies, letter jackets, team jackets and long-sleeved warm-up shirts may be worn. A uniform shirt must be worn underneath any of the items listed above every day, with the exception of spirit days. These items are available in the Sartan Shop. All other outerwear must be removed in the classroom and/or Mass.
  • Shoes must be in good condition and worn at all times. All shoes must have a full back or back strap, i.e., no backless shoes, flip-flops, etc. The back strap must be part of the original manufacturing of the shoe and may not be ribbons, strings, cords, etc. Slippers are not allowed.