Sartan Roar

“Restore All Things in Christ”SPX Mission statement
  • In this time of Advent, it is a time of anticipation, hope, joy and peace. However, the administrators have been notified by parents that their children’s pictures are being posted on social media without their permission accompanied by demeaning words. Reported to school administrators are social media sites such as spx hoes, spx eats, spx bad hair, spx hotties and spx catfishes. This is harassment. Please remember that social media is governed by the Federal Trade Commission. However, when students' identities are found who have been posting, severe consequences will ensue. These students are urged to take down these sites.
  • Parents, remember that you are responsible for the actions of your minor children. There are several cases in the news this week albeit much more serious events which include the taking of a life. Educational and counseling literature report over and over again that this type of harassment can lead to the taking of a life. Many of you are paying for the cell phones and other electronic devices your children are using. You have the right to check them and the media channels your children are visiting.
  • The following message was posted last spring to parents. At the risk of sounding redundant, the message is being posted again. Please read in detail and have a serious discussion with your children.
    • Saint Pius X Administration has been made aware that there are social media accounts on Instagram that are demeaning and are an act of harassment toward SPX students. The postings on these accounts are inappropriate and unbecoming of Saint Pius X students. Our school motto is “Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge.” This applies to all aspects of our lives, including the things we say and do online.
    • Parents, we strongly encourage you to view your student’s Instagram account immediately. If your son or daughter has posted anything deemed by the school to be negative or disparaging to another individual, please have them remove it immediately. If they fail to do so, they will be disciplined which could result in expulsion.
    • The police have been made aware of this account and legal consequences could follow for any student involved.
      • Please remind your students with cell phones that posting inappropriate messages or material and getting involved with social media challenges will bear consequences.
      • Please remind your students that a Sartan’s behavior in all aspects of life is founded on Catholic Values. An SPX Sartan will refrain from any activity or language that will tarnish their name, that of their family, or that of St. Pius X High School.
  • Reconciliation was recently provided on the campus and students were reminded of the “Examination of Conscience''. Eighth Commandment - You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. Gossiping, committing slander or calumny (telling lies about another person in order to destroy or harm their reputation).  We are a Catholic school and we need parents and students to model the teaching of the Catholic faith.
  • Students are doing fairly well during the school day masking up. However, we ask that students keep their masks on and keep their nose covered when they enter a building. Teachers will issue detentions for not following the procedure that has been established. Students should not be eating between classes -  only in the cafeteria.
  • Classrooms continue to be cleaned and sanitized daily, hand sanitizer is available in all rooms as well as disinfectant wipes to clean individual desks between classes. However, many students fail to wear masks after 3:00pm, especially in the gym after school. They are also lax about wearing masks at inside games such as basketball. If students or adults are on campus after 3:00pm and in a building, they are required to wear a mask inside all buildings.
  • FOOTWEAR - Shoes must be in good condition and worn at all times. All shoes must have a full back or back strap, i.e., no backless shoes, flip-flops, etc. The back strap must be part of the original manufacturing of the shoe and may not be ribbons, strings, cords, etc. Slippers are not allowed.
  • First Semester Final Exams:  The first semester finals are scheduled for Thursday, December 16th through Wednesday, December 22nd. Students only need to be on campus when they have a scheduled final. Per SPX policy, no finals will be administered early. Students who miss a final for any reason should contact Mrs. Ducaj at [email protected] as soon as possible to arrange for a time to make up the final. The makeup final will be scheduled during finals whenever possible. Any finals that cannot be made up during the scheduled finals will be administered on the following Saturdays: January 15th, 22nd and 29th. A $50 fee will be charged for each missed final unless the student missed the final due to illness (doctor’s note is required) or a death in the family (documentation required).