Sartan Roar

“Restore All Things in Christ”SPX Mission statement
  • Fine Arts Kudos - Our Fine Arts Department continues to amaze and entertain us! The Halloween Show had a wonderful spooky feel with dancing, singing, acting with presentations by the band, orchestra, choir, Dorados, dance class and the drum line. Well done!
  • Alice in Wonderland gave the audience a look back at one of many childhood stories we all knew as kids.  The students portrayed their characters with imagination and creativity.
  • NM All-State results include:
    • Symphonic Band - Leo Kim (clarinet) and Olivia Boatman (percussion).  Concert Band - Brendan Tierney(clarinet)
    • All-State Piano - Ronan Braun and All-State Harp - Tashina Parker.
    • All-State Choir - Emma McGonigle, Meghan Stone, Gabriella Mantelli, Elicia Rowe, Isabela Sena, Elijah Barela
  • Dress Code -The dress code was formulated a number of years ago to bring a sense of decorum, unity and pride in community to the campus.  The dress code was also intended to save parents money over the long run while their students were at St. Pius X.  A uniform also forms a mindset that students are here to learn and achieve in their academics, sports and spiritual formation.
    • Recently, the boys have been rolling up the pant legs of their shorts.  In some cases, it is very noticeable that the boys’ shorts have been re-hemmed to a shorter length.  Neither is a good look!  Both of these situations violate the dress code policy.  Boys’ shorts are to be unrolled and no shorter than two inches above the knee per the policy.  Parents, please correct these situations quickly. Appropriate boys’ shorts can be purchased in the Sartan Shop.  Remember, this year, all students have the option to wear plain jeans.
  • Athletics - The football team was eliminated from tournament play last week. Everyone is proud of our football team and kudos to them for playing their best.
    • The volleyball girls gave it their best try all the way to the end but lost to Artesia in the final and fifth game of first round play.
    • Congratulations to Girls Soccer on their runner up state trophy and to the Girls Cross Country on their third place trophy in the state competition.
  • Season of Giving - This year the toy drive for those children who are in less than desirable family situations will be held on December 8, 2021. Mass will be held for the students in the school and they will be able to offer their toys at this Mass.  We strongly encourage every student to participate by bringing one toy, unwrapped, to this event. Toys or learning games can be for any age child.  Toys will be distributed to Barrett House, St. Vincent DePaul Society and Catholic Charities.   Let’s show our Sartan Pride to help families in need.
  • The food collection at the Thanksgiving Mass was amazing.  Eight members of the Barrett House staff were in attendance and thanked the students for their generous donations.  Many thanks to you, parents, for buying the food items also.
  • Special Collection - Many of you may not know that we have a small house on the campus.  The house was inhabited by the first manager of the boiler system.  When he left the position, his son took over the boiler system and recently moved out.   Our school President and chaplain, Fr. John Trambley has been given permission to move into the house.
    • The house is in good condition but a few things are missing.  If you know anyone who can donate or contribute a twin size bed, bed frame and bed and bath linens, a dresser, a small table and chairs for the kitchen, cooking utensils, pots and pans, a TV, end tables and lamps or anything else that will make Fr. Trambley comfortable. We have dishes, glasses, knives and forks, a microwave and some couches.
  • COVID 19 Reminder - Please remember that if your student is Covid positive or in quarantine, the student must reach out to the teachers as soon as possible to keep up with their school work.  If you as the parent have questions or concerns, please contact the teacher directly.
  • First Semester Final Exams:
    • The first semester finals are scheduled for Thursday, December 16th through Wednesday, December 22nd. Students only need to be on campus when they have a scheduled final.  Per SPX policy, no finals will be administered early. Students who miss a final for any reason should contact Mrs. Ducaj at as soon as possible to arrange for a time to make up the final.  The makeup final will be scheduled during finals whenever possible.  Any finals that cannot be made up during the scheduled finals will be administered on the following Saturdays:  January 15th, 22nd and 29th.  A $50 fee will be charged for each missed final unless the student missed the final due to illness (doctor’s note is required) or a death in the family (documentation required). The final exam schedule will be available later this month.    
The faculty and administrators wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving, good health and safe travels.  We look forward to resume classes on Monday, November 29, 2021.  
Barbara M. Rothweiler, PhD
Interim Principal
Fr. John Trambley
Barbara Ducaj
Ass’t Principal
Orlando Rodriguez
Ass’t Principal