Sartan Roar

“Restore All Things in Christ”SPX Mission statement
  • The Homecoming events have been exciting in their new format. The parade introducing all fall sports as well as the full homecoming court brought the whole school together outside in the quad area.
  • Movie night on Tuesday was a new event and all who attended enjoyed viewing the movie, “Back to the Future”.
  • On Thursday, Homecoming Coronation and Bonfire.
    • The Homecoming Court was introduced to the student body with each court member’s parents or friends. Congratulations to the High Court!  They are:
    • Second Prince Ethan Crabtree & Second Princess Gabriella Mantelli
    • First Prince Dominic Esparza & First Princess Samantha Fresquez
    • King Elijah Barela & Queen Carmen Brandt
  • On Saturday, Homecoming Game and Dance - A win for the Sartans and a beautiful night under the lights and stars!  The dance was well attended and all the students had a wonderful time.
  • Our student athletes are wonderful examples of our school.  They train hard and play hard.  They make us proud.  As fans, it is important to display conduct that reflects our school motto--”Teach me goodness, discipline and knowledge”.  Good sportsmanship at games is required at all times both by school policy and NMAA rules.  Cheer on our athletes, coaches and officials with positive comments, comments that do not degrade another.  Alcohol or someone who is under the influence of alcohol or any other mind-altering drug is never acceptable at games.  Fans who cross the lines of good sportsmanship can be asked to leave a game and may not be allowed at future games.  Let SPX be the school with the best positive sportsmanship!
  • Over the last couple of weeks the news has reported a new “challenge” that has come across over social media, namely tiktok. This new challenge deals with stealing things from a school and posting it to “tiktok”. There is a list going around of the monthly “tiktok” challenges and behaviors that interfere with the educational process, create hostility, vandalism, and encourage criminal acts.  These behaviors will not be tolerated.  Students found to be a part of these acts will be punished to the fullest extent of the law and dismissed from St. Pius X High School.  We have had theft occur in the cafeteria and we have identified students who have been stealing and continue to find more from footage provided to us.  Students are no longer allowed to have their backpacks in the serving line and should leave their backpacks in their lockers when going to lunch.   The October tiktok challenge is to “slap a teacher”.  The consequence for such behavior is immediate dismissal from St. Pius X High School.  See the list for the rest of the year by clicking on this link:
    • Please remind your students with cell phones that posting inappropriate messages or material and getting involved with social media challenges will bear serious consequences.
    • Please remind your students that a Sartan’s behavior in all aspects of life is founded on Catholic values. An SPX Sartan will refrain from any activity or language that will tarnish their name, that of their family, or that of St. Pius X High School.  (excerpt from the Sartan Creed)
  • Let’s be reminded about the dress code.  The girls are not to roll up waistbands on their skirts and the boys are not to roll up the hems of their shorts.  The cooler weather is beginning to set in and the cold weather is on the way.  Please review the dress code as outlined in the letters sent to you this summer and in the student handbook.  The only permitted outerwear is St. Pius X apparel or a plain (no words or pictures) black sweater.  St. Pius X apparel can be purchased in the Sartan Shop.
  • A note from the cafeteria-some students are in the negative balance on their cafeteria account.  If your student is in the negative balance please send a check, cash or load money online to their cafeteria account.
  • The following information is for information's sake only.  It is in no way a suggestion or requirement to get a child vaccinated.  We respect the decision of parents to not have their child vaccinated.   In case you are interested - as of today, here are the percentage of students who are fully vaccinated
    • Seniors - 78.2%
    • Juniors - 73.1%
    • Sophomores - 73.6%
    • Freshmen - 72%
    • The rate of fully vaccinated 12-17 year olds in New Mexico is 63.8%.
Way to go St. Pius X!

Come to me, all of you who are tired and have heavy loads.  I will give you rest.  --Matthew 11:28