The results are in for the National French Contest

Sartans are State Champions and earn national gold and silver medals for their outstanding national rankings:

  • Freshman Susanna Lanucara and Sophomore Benicio Gutierrez in French level 1 are the co State Champions in French 1 this spring, earning the two best scores in the state! Benicio also ranked 3rd in the nation and Susanna 4th in the nation, competing against 17,617 students in their category, French level 1. They both receive a national gold medal for their 95th percentile score in the nation. Last year, our state champions in French 1 ranked 6th in the nation, so this year’s ranking tops that.
  • Senior Brandon Baggerly is the State Runner-Up in French level 3, ranking 8th in the nation and competing against 14,608 students in his category. Last year, Brandon was the State Champion in French level 2 and ranked 12th in the nation, so he is beating his last year’s national ranking this spring.
  • Sophomore Charlie Woodcock ranked 3rd in the state in French level 2, also ranking 8th in the nation and competing against 17,200 students in level 2. Charlie was the State Champion in level 1 last year.

Other notable accomplishments:

  • In French level 3, senior Leslie Ortiz and junior Darcy Robinson both ranked 4th in the state and 12th in the nation. Senior Mariah Magness placed 9th in the state.
  • In French level 1, freshmen Onyinye Anozie placed 6th in the state and Alexandra Sanchez, 10th in the state.

For the past 10 years, St. Pius has had one or more State Champions in French every single year as well as students who have ranked in the top 10 nationally. Allez Sainte Pie!