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Fr. John Trambley_ Vocation DirectorA few months back, the “Keeping the Promise” Capital Campaign was refocused and retooled to make the longstanding dream of bringing a permanent Chapel to campus a reality. In addition to raising $1.3 MILLION for the chapel, it was announced by Archbishop Wester that Fr. John Trambley would serve as the first President of St. Pius X High School. In his role, he was tasked to help lead the Advancement and Alumni Relations efforts of the school, and to serve as the primary torch bearer of our Capital Campaign.


To help introduce Fr. John to those who have not yet had the opportunity to meet him, and to explain why he feels a Chapel is essential to the identity of our campus, he sat down to answer some questions and talk about serving the next generations of Sartan families.
What are your initial impressions about the St. Pius X community? 
It is a community of people who are passionate about Catholic education. Parents make many sacrifices to send their sons and daughters to St. Pius X. This is because they understand the value of Catholic education. As a student said recently, “it is education with a soul.” 
Why is this Capital Campaign important to you? 
This is a project born out the passion of alumni and benefactors who want to see a permanent chapel on the campus of St. Pius X High School. Most people know that we currently use a chapel which was made by attaching two portable classrooms. It is a humble space, and one that generations of alumni have prayed in, but a new chapel would provide the ability to host larger groups at Mass. For example, an entire class would be able to come to Mass together during retreats or other occasions like reunions. It will also be a symbol of the Catholic Faith visible to all who come to St. Pius X.
Why a Chapel as opposed to other campus needs? 
There is a larger master plan for St. Pius X High School that includes more projects than just the chapel. The chapel is first because the chapel is an icon of what is most important to our school -- a life-giving relationship with Jesus Christ. Completing the chapel will demonstrate to everyone what is most important on campus and in life.
What is your vision for the Advancement efforts of St. Pius X?
Participation. It is important for alumni and benefactors to participate. It is also important for the entire community to participate. Catholic education benefits everyone. It is important to invest in the education of tomorrow’s leaders today. Catholic education is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ: learning and practicing love of God and neighbor. It is where students come to recognize Jesus in each other and in the least and the last. An investment in St. Pius X High School ensures that these values will be present in this and future generations. 
In 20 years, what does St. Pius X look like?
When I gave the homily at the faculty and staff retreat this year, I spoke about the city on a hill. A light shining for all to see. My hope is that St. Pius X will be that light shining on the hill; a source of light and life for our Church and our community for many years to come.
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“Now that you have put this survey out, alumni will be expecting action, so I hope this moves forward.”

A little more than five years ago, dedicated leaders and friends of St. Pius X High School set forth to identify and address the future needs of its students: a place of dedicated worship, an area to gather and celebrate, and championship caliber athletic facilities. Plans were drawn and efforts were underway to turn this dream into reality.

During this process, a fantastic team of individuals connected with some of the most devout St. Pius X High School supporters to start the process of raising money. Their efforts paid incredible dividends and paved the path for a successful capital campaign to grow upon. To confirm that our plans could in fact be fully executed, a survey was distributed to various segments of our database, and as expressed in the comment provided above, it is time for action.

The “Keeping the Promise” Capital Campaign for St. Pius X High School honors the Catholic mission and vision established by our founders by addressing the first phase of our long-range building plan; the construction of a permanent Chapel. In the coming weeks, you will see plans and renderings, learn about potential naming opportunities and be introduced to our campaign team who are ready to roll up their sleeves and help get a shovel in the ground in the very near future.

Since starting down this path, we have learned so much; the need for transparency and communication. The importance of community-wide participation. The perception by our constituency concerning what we must do in order to grow and thrive. This first phase is intended to finish the job already started and soon after focus on improving our athletic fields and programs; a project that received overwhelming support during the assessment study.

Thank you to everyone who has helped get this campaign off the ground. Thank you to everyone who expressed their opinions, questions and concerns during the study. And THANK YOU, in advance, to all of you who join us in Keeping the Promise to the generations of Sartans to come!
The St. Pius X High School Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization.