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St. Pius X High School's Generous Donors

Thank you to all who contributed to St. Pius X High School during May 2019. Your support is deeply appreciated.

May 2019 Supporters

Mr. Hugh Barnaby

Mr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Blea

Mr. Dennis J. Candelaria

Mr. and Mrs. Fredric Cohen

Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Daly

DBA Sterling Outfitters INC

Mrs. Teresa Devick

Mr. Bill R. Duffey

Mr. Chris J. Frassanito

Mr. and Mrs. William B. Keleher

Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Kinsella

Mrs. Geri Bruckner Kuster

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Medina

Col. and Mrs. Michael Mullane

Mr. Timothy G. Nunns

Mr. Stephen Otero

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Padilla

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew S. Parkin

Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Reynolds

Mr. Joseph D. Richers

Mr. and Ms. Anthony L. Romero

Ms. Marijo Rymer

Mr. Thomas F. Sheppard

Mr. and Mrs. Allen Swabenbauer

Rev. John B. Trambley

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur E. Verardo