Rules Regarding Absences at SPX
Rules Regarding Absences at SPX


There are two types of absences and lates, “excused” and “unexcused.” An “excused” absence or late means that the student is allowed to make-up all the work that is assigned during the absence whereas an “unexcused” absence or late means that the student is not allowed to make-up or receive credit for the work missed during the absence. Absences that will be excused are: 

∗ Arriving late first period due to medical appointment (requires a doctor’s note upon arrival) 

∗ Doctor appointments during school day, (with a note from the doctor’s office) 

∗ Illness (after 3 consecutive days of absence, a student must provide a doctor’s note verifying the illness)

∗ Funeral attendance 

∗ Ceremonial religious events/traditions 

∗ Court or legal appointments (note required from legal authority upon arrival) 

∗ Other absences that are excused at the Dean of Students’ discretion. Any student who is absent from ten or more classes, excused and/or unexcused, including school-sponsored activities, from any class in a semester will be reviewed by the Attendance Review Board. See “First Period Late” and “Tardiness to Class” policy below. 

Parents/Guardians of students are to notify the Attendance Office by telephone (831-8412) before 9:00 am for each day of absence. On the third consecutive day of absence for illness, a doctor’s note is required. Note: Parents may be called to verify student absences.

All students MUST be in their seats at 8:00 am. If not, the student is late for first hour. Students must obtain a “Tardy Pass” from the attendance office BEFORE being admitted to class. Even if a student arrives during passing period or their lunch hour, they MUST report to the attendance office to sign in. If a student will be late, a parent must call the Attendance Office at 831-8412 by 9:00 am on the SAME day to excuse the tardy. Any calls received after this time will not be excused, and the student will receive an unexcused late. If a student incurs an unexcused late, he/she will be required to serve a 45-minute detention. Seven (7) excused “first hour lates” or habitual late arrivals in a semester will result in two one hour after school detentions; nine (9) excused “first hour lates” in a semester will result in a Saturday School at a cost of $50; each additional four (4) excused “first hour lates” will result in an additional Saturday School at a cost of $50 each. 

If a student needs to be dismissed early from school for non-school related activities, the student must submit a note or fax (831-8420) from the parent/guardian prior to dismissal with the early dismissal request. No student will be released from school without a parent/guardian signature. The early dismissal request must be submitted the morning of the requested dismissal for the student to receive an early dismissal slip.  It is very distracting to teachers and classrooms when we have to call a student out of class at the last minute.  Please plan ahead and send your student with a note.  If you need your student to leave, due to an emergency, you may fax a note to Rita Martinez at 505-831-8420.  SPX policy does not allow us to release a student with verbal permission alone.  

Parent/Guardians are encouraged to make prudent decisions when taking students out of school for trips and vacations during the school year. All absences will count toward the ten day limit. Parents/Guardians taking students out of school for reasons other than those listed under the “General Policy” statement must complete the following procedure one week before the planned absence: 

∗ The student obtains an Educational Leave Form from the Attendance Office or on Edline (in the SPX Forms folder) which must be completed by the student and approved by the Dean of Students. 

∗ It is the student’s responsibility to obtain and make up all work in accordance with the School Absence Makeup Policy.

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